Karol G – Ready to move away from Reggaeton?




Last Friday night, May 8th, Aventura fans were treated to a streamed set brought to us by Bud Light Seltzers (which are delish, btw – I’m looking at you, Strawberry and Mango.) While every Latina was tuned in and posting to their IG Stories, as they sang along with our version of The Beatles, an even better performance was overlooked.*  

Karol G kicked off the Bud Light Seltzer Sessions just 45 mins before Aventura, for a quick 8 song set previously taped in Miami.  Giving major MTV Unplugged circa 1997 vibes, Karol G shined brighter than ever, backed by a full female-only band.  From the staging of the set to her beachy surfer dude outfit (I need those Pizza slippers in my life), it was the complete opposite of what we have come to expect.  

Strip away the neon and overproduced backup tracks and we see the making of an Artist coming into her own.  Karol G was giving us a sneak peek into where she may be looking to take her music.  Her recent collaboration with another Colombian female well on her way, Grammy nominated Jessie Reyez, may have served as additional inspiration.  The Ocean (Remix) dropped back in 2019 and went under the radar considering the quality of the track and the power behind two of the most talented latinas in music, today.  

Karol G has already proved that she can hold her own in the man’s world that is reggaeton and now may be aspiring to break out of that world to create her own.  As we often see, females looking to make a name for themselves in “the business” play by their rules for the first couple of albums.  They create a following, prove their credibility and then gain the freedom to make the music they want to make and not what necessarily sells by the old boy’s club standard.  Although she has found success, I couldn’t help but think how she seemed to be more in her element rocking out with her band members in her non-cheeky denim shorts, than in her spandex jumpsuits with backup dancers in tow.  

I’m excited to see what’s next and if you do nothing else this weekend, have a listen to the Ocean (Remix). 

*A full version of her Bud Light Seltzer Sessions solo performance isn’t even on her YouTube channel, yet Aventura’s was posted the same night to theirs.